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When Danny Watts started Downtown Patriots, this multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer wanted a sound that captured his love of grunge but with a modern twist of energy.

Originally hailing from Colchester, UK (home of Britpop popularist band Blur) and after training as a sound engineer, Danny worked in various London production houses, before opening his own writing and production studio in Southwark.

Now, Danny has left the congestion of the city and lives a rural life in the Suffolk countryside, but continues to write and produce music as a solo artist.  His latest project - Downtown Patriots, is a one-man tour-de-force of electro-pop rock that has inspired him throughout his life.

"I love all forms of music, but I get a real kick from plugging in an electric guitar in to an amp and cranking it up via a good distortion pedal.  Throw in some 80s synths and some phat breakbeats and you get an idea of the sound of Downtown Patriots' latest offering."

Doused in blazing alternative rock with blues undertones, sharp riffs lacerate through a brawny rhythmic wall of sound  while thick muggy synths create a dramatic 80’s – esque soundscape. Showcasing refined musicianship.

Danu, Indie Buddie




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