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Danny Watts is Downtown Patriots.  A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer who fuses together the joy from a myriad of his musical inspirations from ABBA to Zappa and everything in between.

"Dance Out Of The Dark" - the sophomore album from Downtown Patriots moves a step away from the 2019 hard-rock debut album "Legacy", to a more nuanced sound of grungey guitars layered with 80s synths and break beats whilst still maintaing rock undertones.

"Dance Out Of The Dark" was released on 10th February 2023 and spawned 4 singles, "Poppy Weeps In The Dark", "Falling Moon II", "Said And Done" and "Your Burden".

The 5 track "We Don't Need You" EP was released 29th September 2023, featuring "An Angel Kicks My Ass" and "Lose A Little Faith"

1st December 2023, "Christmas Is Here" released.

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